The Festival

121212 Back to Balance”

This year's festival in cllaboration with will be about healing ourselves and through us to the entire Universe!
On Stage

Michelle Averard&Nestor Kornblum          
Maria Conchita Högberg& Niklas Högberg
Jennifer Ferguson
Mustafa Kuyucu                                                
& Marcos Rodriguez.                                               

Together we will co-create the foundation of the New Times! With sound and energi work  we will together bring the future and the past into the NOW!
A messege from The Universe about our role and focus in the creation of that day :

The transformed unity and the infinite love of the Divine Mother's will, the Creator of the earth and the entire universe. The transition to the new era of oneness and fusion, in which light and shadow live in unity and harmony. "

We welcome 144 lightworkers to enjoy a day of healing and harmony.

We start at 11:00 and be together until 18:00 at Årsta Folketshus in Stockholm, investment 600 sek lunch & coffebreak included.


Marcos Rodriguez 0735-09 24 35